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TIANXIANG ELECTRIC GROUP CO., LTD founded in 2008 and located in the smart Industrial Park of street lamp manufacturing base in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, is a production-oriented enterprise focusing on street lamp manufacturing. At present, it has the most perfect and advanced digital production line in the industry. Up to now, the factory has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of production capacity, price, quality control, qualification and other competitiveness, with a cumulative number of lights on more than 1700000, in Africa and Southeast Asia, Many countries in South America and other regions occupy a large market share and  become the preferred product supplier for many projects and engineering companies at home and abroad. 

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Mainly produces and sells various types of solar street lights, led street lights, integrated solar street lights, high mast lights, garden lights, flood lights and light poles.

Client Comments

This is a perfect set of lights to accent and provide security to your property. These are well made, solid lights that will withstand the weather. They have different brightness settings for your needs. The installation was very easy. They are good looking and provide very good lighting options. I am very pleased with these as they are very professional grade lighting fixtures. I recommend these for whatever your lighting needs are.
I installed my 60 watt street light on a pole beside my rear driveway, and last night was the first time I saw it working, other than the test lighting I did when I first received it. It performed exactly as the description said it would. I watched it for a little while, and it occasionally turned brighter from some type of motion it detected. I just looked out my back window, and it is on now, and working just like I expected it to do. If you don't want/need to have a remote, save some money, and purchase this light. Granted, this is only my 2nd day of it's operation, but so far I like it. If anything happens to change my opinion about this light.
The lights are sturdy and well built. The case is made of hard plastic. I like their appearance as the solar panel is integrated into the housing and not obtrusive to look at as in other styles of lights that have a separate solar panel.
There are plenty of working modes to suit the intended use. I set them to Auto so they stay bright until the battery charge gets low and then it automatically dims and switches to motion sensor mode. I gets bright when motion is detected and then after about 15 seconds it will go dim again. Overall, these are performing very well.
Roger p
Roger pNigeria
Like many of us, our backyards aren’t very well lit. Calling an electrician out was going to be too costly so I went solar. Free power, right? When this solar light arrived I was surprised at how heavy it was. Once I opened it up I realized it’s because of all the metal it’s made of, instead of plastic. The solar panel is large, around 18 inches wide. The light output was what really impressed me. It can light up my entire backyard on a 10 foot pole. The light itself lasts throughout the night and the included remote is really handy to turn it on or off on demand. Great light, very happy.
Easy to install, I actually pruned tree branches by my front gate and half way down the driveway and used the anchor bolts provided to mount where branches were removed to light my driveway. I hung a little lower than recommended, but I didn't need as much coverage as they can provide. They're very bright. They hold charge very very well, and there is a lot of branches and leaves above them impeding sunlight exposure. Motion detection works very well. Will buy again if ever needed.